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News 02:02 February 2024:

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Making a name in social media sites such as Instagram is no joke. With the huge competition one user is facing, there is so much effort you need to invest before you get into the limelight. How much more getting free Instagram followers? In fact, those who are new users end up being frustrated because even if they invest time, effort, and money, their target to get followers to end up to nothing. If you are planning to join the bandwagon, you must first understand that having patience, understanding, discipline, commitment, and skills are vital characteristics you need to possess in order to reach your target of getting free Instagram followers.

Having genuine followers is what everyone should desire. These genuine followers will be your ally in building your online presence eventually increasing your reputation and credibility online. Here are some tips in doing so. These tips save you from spending a cent yet result in more Instagram followers.

We all know the Instagram and Facebook have already collaborated. That is why it is better to start by creating an account on Facebook since Facebook has a bigger user base than Instagram. Then proceed to create your Instagram account. For a start, you need to put the effort into building the two accounts simultaneously. Then after some time, you can use your Facebook account to increase your following in Instagram. One is through inviting your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram. Another way is by automatically posting your Instagram photos to your Facebook to see your Instagram link. Either way, these will surely build your following on Instagram. 

Next is to post quality contents. It all depends on your niche. Just always make sure your photos are appropriate to what you want to convey. Your niche may not be something corporate or professional; it doesn’t matter. You still need to make sure your posts are appropriate. Never post random photos. Post photos relative to your niche. Having a good photo editing skill is also a plus. This will attract more followers. You should know how to focus, how to create good lighting and have a good visual presentation to attract more followers.

Use hashtags. There is a certain style in using a hashtag. You should not be using any hashtag that you see or anything that you feel like using. Since you are posting a specific type of niche, do a research of the hashtags used for that niche. The web has so much to offer. You can list them all. The next step is to plan for the best time to use a specific hashtag. You can try using the daily hashtag where you will connect your hashtag to the specific day. This goes something like this; #manicmonday #traintuesday, #wonderfulwednesday, and the likes. Just a word of caution, never overuse hashtags; always make them relevant.

Create a realistic profile pic using your own photo. Avoid using avatars. Instagram users are hungry for realistic photos and not just cartoon-like images lurking around the internet. This will also help your friends know your identity making easy for them to follow you.

Lastly is to use the “notice me” style. This is your own way of making people notice you. You should do this in a conservative but attracting way. Not in a vulgar way. Think of some style where you can convey to the people that they should notice you and so you will have those free Instagram followers with ease.

Simple and Modest Tips for Free Instagram Followers

Instagram is one more of the leading social media platforms of this generation. It is where you can share your photographs secretly or freely. But in case, you are aiming to connect with a huge number of people, you need to begin increasing your Instagram followers. Here are some things you can do to make that happen:

  • Change your profile from private to public. This is for better and bigger visibility over Instagram. Do not worry on your privacy; you can always set it up in IG’s privacy settings.
  • Start using prominent and appropriate hashtags. If you are consistent in sharing contents in IG and is using the same set of hashtags, high chances that you will be followed by people of the same interest.
  • Consistency is the key. Even if IG is already flooded with other contents (because that’s the purpose of IG, to flood the internet with photos), someone out there is waiting for your next post. Don’t ruin their excitement, keep on posting.
  • Using photo filters adds accent to your posts. Especially if you are using the same set of filters; this gives your posts a signature look.
  • Posting the usual monotonous way is boring. Why not use other photo posting styles like collage, borders, and many more. Make it funky or attractive. But be careful not to overdo it.
  • If you are establishing a certain signature to your posts, timing is also a vital aspect. Try posting daily at the same hour of the day. This will add thrill to your followers as they get excited to your next posts.
  • Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. So also be ready to give your likes, comments, and follows to other users. Have this kind of attitude and watch how your followers increase.
  • Connect your IG to your Facebook account. Whatever you post in IG can also be automatically posted to your Facebook. There will be a very high chance for your Facebook friends and followers to follow you in IG.
  • Ask people to follow you. This is the best and modest way to acquire free Instagram followers. At the end of your posts, it pays to have a call to action part where you ask them to follow you.


Above steps are but simple to do. Miss not an opportunity if you are really serious in acquiring free Instagram followers. You need them especially if you have a business that you want to succeed online. As an entrepreneur, you can’t overlook Instagram as a road that leads your business to success as the digital world continues to evolve. With the need to set aside extra cash or having a tight budget makes it difficult to put resources into marketing and promotions. Putting aside cash for promoting business in the online world is a bad choice; with the latest trend, you should put it top of mind.  With the expenses in mind, it pays to have these tips on how to acquire free Instagram followers that will lead you ahead of your competitors.